ISO 14000 / Status of Automotive Industry

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No. Company Name Main Products
1 KIRIU SAMICK CO.,LTD 1) Brake Disc 2) Brake Drum 3) Bracket
2 3A CLIZEN INC. Crank Shaft Pulley Air-con. Compressor Parts(Clutch Parts, Pulley, Clutch Hub, Magnetic Coil, Control Valve, Swash Plate, Piston)
3 AIA Corporation NVH Parts : Mounting System(Engine, T/M, Roll and Bush etc) Weather Strip : Body Seal, Door Seal, Run Channel etc Plastic Parts : Bumper, Impack Beam, Side sill etc
4 ANJUN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Engine Intake Valve Exhaust Valve
5 AUTOGEN CO.,LTD. Center Piller Reinf. Front Floor Panel, Rear Wheel Housing Panel, Rocker Inner Panel, Fender & Front Side Member Panel
6 BENDA SUNKWANG IND. CO., LTD. Flywheel Ring Gear, Dirve Plate Assembly, Flywheel, Timing Gear, Steel Bar
7 BM FOUNDRY CO., LTD. Brake Disc & Drum, Clutch Pressure Plate, Water Pump & Oil Pump Housing, Water Pump Impeller, Pulley Hub, Bracket, Bearing Housing, Door Lock Parts, Shaft
8 BOOSUNG PRECISION CO.,LTD. Cylinder Head Cover, Timing Gear Case Cover, Bracket, Oil Filter Housing, Transmission Case
9 BU MI CO., LTD. Weather Strip Insert Metal, Bracket, Nipple, Spiral Tube, LPG Plate
10 BUKANG SEMS CO., LTD. Spring, Shaft, Screw
11 CALSONIC KANSEI KOREA CO.,LTD. Exhaust System, Cockpit Module, Front End Module
12 CENTRAL CORPORATION Suspension Part (Ball Joint, Control Arm, etc.) Steering Part (Tie Rod End, Rack End, etc.) Transmission Parts (Shaft, Flange, Clutch Boss, Synchronized Sleeve, etc) Engine Parts (Rocker Arm, etc) Power Train Parts ( Proppler Shaft) Brake Parts (Brake Axle Assembly, etc)
13 CHEIL ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. Rear View Mirror, Ash-tray, Room Lamp, Map Lamp
14 CHEONG BO INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Valve Tappet, Valve Seat Ring, Insert Chamber, Chamber, Rocker Arm, Cam Follower
15 CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS CORP. EMS ECU, Airbag ECU, PCU(Powertrain Control Unit), TCU, BCM, PASE(Passive Start And Entry) System, ESC ECU, ACV
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