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Korea Automobile Industry Cooperative Association will strive to help Korea’s automobile and parts industry leap higher and lead the future automobile market.


Korea’s automobile industry has made remarkable progress and is playing a pivotal role in leading the domestic economy. These achievements were possivle not only because of the government’s sustainable automobile industry development policy but also because of the tireless efforts of automobile industry members.

The global automobile industry is facing an unprecedented period of upheaval. As the spread of eco-friendly vehicles is accelerating to achieve carbon neutrality, and the core competitiveness and added value of automobile are shifting to batteries, software, and semiconductors, the automobile parts industry ecosystem is also rapidly transitioning to future automobiles.

In addition, our industry must strengthen its ability to respond to changes in the existing supply chain due to the expansion of electric vehicles and increased demand for alternative power sources, and high expectations for continued digitalization and advanced connected technologies.

Since its establishment in 1962, the union has been in line with the development of Korea’s automobile and parts industry, We will continue to strive to help our country’s automobile and parts industries leap forward to greater heights and lead the future aubomobile market.

Thank you.

Chairman Lee Taek Seong